Il Caravaggio

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Il Caravaggio

Il Fanciullo con canestra di frutta dipinto a olio su tela, Caravaggio

CARAVAGGIO(1571- 1610)

Michelangelo Merisi, better known with the name Caravaggio, is one of the most famous Italian painters. Although we do not know the exact place, he was born in the area of Bergamo and his family lived in the town of Caravaggio. Caravaggio had a short but intense life. He was very talented and he was admired by many wealthy and powerful families. He had a busy and tumultuous life and he was notorious for brawling. He died when he was 39 under mysterious circumstances in Porto Ercole in Tuscany. Although his life was short, he gave a unique contribution to the development of painting in the XVII century. Caravaggio realized paintings of intense realism, which marked a significant shift from the classical idealism of Michelangelo. Moreover, Caravaggio is famous for the innovative way of using light.

His first works date back to 1593 and he realized the last paintings in the year of his death. In less than twenty years he painted a huge variety of subjects, scenes and images of extraordinary beauty and value. Some of the most famous paintings are “Supper at Emmaus”, “Bacchus” and “The Calling of Saint Matthew”. Even though none of his works can be seen in the province of Bergamo, it is worth visiting this area to discover the place where Caravaggio grew up. In the former church of San Giovanni Battista in the town of Caravaggio it is possible to see some copies of Caravaggio’s paintings.