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Pianura da Scoprire is a non-profit association aimed to social promotion, established with a public act on 16.10.2009, with a public and private partner ownership formed by municipalities and locations in the provinces of Bergamo, Cremona, Lodi and Milan, the regional parks of Northern and Southern Adda river, the park of Serio river, and a number of private subjects and companies. Its statutory goal is the development of an integrated program of enhancement, promotion and social and touristic development of the Middle Plains of Lombardy. The territory involved has its centre at the railway junction of Treviglio and extends in a radial pattern towards Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lodi and Milan, reaching the airport areas of Orio al Serio and Linate. Pianura da scoprire is focusing on developing soft mobility, environmental sustainability and promoting the local resources and peculiarities, aiming to rediscover the culture of our territory, making it more beautiful, livable, attractive, and let it be known through innovative and interesting proposals, in order to attract a growing number of visitors and tourists.



Promote the territory of the Middle Plains of Lombardy by seizing the opportunities for a sustainable development connecting the territory with the neighboring areas; valuing and revealing the rich artistic, historical heritage of this territory as well as its landscape; treasuring the local characteristic products and craftsmanship, and the natural areas with their rural traditions of agriculture and gastronomy, assets scattered on a territory which is  nonetheless highly industrialized and affected by a heavy road traffic.


The results of the feasibility study carried out on account of the Region of Lombardy and the Cariplo foundation within the emblematic project “Alla scoperta... dolce della Media Pianura Lombarda” ( Unhurried …. discovery of the Middle Plains of Lombardy), confirm that bicycle is the best means of transport to fully enjoy the soothing beauty of the country, the slow, smooth-flowing of the rivers and the several art masterpieces that can be found in city centers and parks. The biking can also be integrated with special itineraries which combines comfortable trains transfers or canal and river boats hikes, in a pleasant and relaxing way to savor the beauty of the territory. Also, cycling tourism represent a fast growing sector in the European tourist market and interesting financial opportunities for its development are available.





The promotion of a sustainable development of a territory must be based upon a close and responsible cooperation between all the entities involved and it is important that the partnership includes public and private bodies.

A global vision of the territory, across the province borders, to better value and manage cultural identities and attractive resources and create opportunities of social, cultural, touristic and economic growth, beyond the confined individualistic concept that unfortunately still affects the relationship of contiguous provinces and municipalities.

The outline of a touristic offer through the restoration, promotion and integrated management of historical, artistic, cultural treasures, the rediscovery of natural landscapes, typical products of agriculture, traditional cooking and craftsmanship.

A communication framework for the promotion and networking of the touristic offers, initiatives and events, also at international level.

A careful and coordinated research of the opportunities for financing, through the participation to public announcements of funding at European level, to finalize projects in line with our association strategy.




  •  Carrying out of a feasibility study for the promotion and touristic development of the territory of the Middle Plains of Lombardy.
  • Adhesion of the associated municipalities to the “European Chart for promotion and development of cycling mobility and sustainable tourism in the Middle Plains of Lombardy”.
  • Printing and distribution of promotional and educational material for the use of bicycle.
  • Planning and implementation of educational and training meetings for the primary school kids, in collaboration with the school institutions.
  • Establishment of the Cycletourism Park of the Middle Plains of Lombardy.
  • Promotion of the yearly event Festival Bike. Installation in the territory of several info points to advertise images and events implemented by the associated municipalities.
  • Creation of a dynamic website with a modern and elegant graphic, intuitive and user friendly, in responsive mode for a correct view on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  • Creation of the Web App “Diario di Viaggio (Travel Diary)” to manage the itineraries.
  • Participation to promotional initiatives through social networks also on an international scale.
  • Acting as planning and coordination office, in collaboration with the other lead players, to participate in public announcements of financing and ensure the follow-up.
  • Promotion, building up and management of the cooperation relationships between bodies, associations, groups and operators, for a positive outcome of common initiatives.