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'Rosso', painting by Rinaldo Pigola

There is a lot to discover in our area: from above it is obvious how much the Romans influenced the development of the cities, villages and the countryside.  A “large picture” made up of parallel criss-cross lines representing roads and farm borders, making the “historical cities” easily distinguishable (those of Caravaggio, Calcio, Covo, Antegnate and Crema are still visible today).  The birth of the first historical centers goes back to the IX and X centuries, due to the continual invasions by the Barbarians the local populations abandoned the countryside to inhabit closed, fortified cities surrounded by moats.  The events that followed influenced by economic, social and political circumstances during the centuries helped to form the territory and its people.  Often, those who live here today, have become used to the evidence of the local history, of the different values which are important for their historical roots.  Only thanks to the hard work of those who have been able to look after such local treasures, today we can appreciate the dedication and work of our ancestors.

A journey in the present looking for the past, in squares framed by different styled buildings (Romanesque, Gothic, Liberty up to the present day), fountains and porticoes which seem to protect the small workshops, the shops of today,and their tireless workers.  Built simply or elaborately decorated by those who looked to the future.


The “Bassa” (local term to describe the area, meaning 'the low part') is full of surprises to discover, without being presumptuous, we are sure this wonderful area can be visited slowly and surely, by bike or on foot.  In this way its details and authenticity can really be appreciated.